By far the most fun I've had at a 3D shoot! Not to mention, there's no better way to build your confidence going into hunting season. I was way more confident taking to the field this year after shooting the TAC Prime course for a couple days...

Jason Matzinger-Into the High Country

The Total Archery Challenge event at Snowbird Ski resort is by far the best archery season kickoff imaginable. It gives guys a reason to get in shape, tune their gear, hone their skills and enjoy it all with other hard-core bowhunters! If you're serious about archery hunting, you cannot miss this event!

Zac Griffith

Being a hard core high country big game chasing archer is not easy. I try and prepare to the best of my ability and nothing compares to the mental and physical challenge Total Archery provides. Completely insane! If you want to push yourself and know your limits there is nothing like it. I also love that my wife and kids can enjoy the shoot at their level. All encompassing archery event!

James Bonham


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